Faction Announces $4.3M Seed Funding Round

We're excited to announce the close of our $4.3M seed funding round led by and Fifty Years!

Faction develops driverless electric vehicles that have the speed and performance of cars, but at a fraction of the cost.

Our team has engineered driverless systems from light electrics all the way up to semi trucks, and we’re taking a new approach. Faction uses three wheelers that are regulated as motorcycles making them faster to develop and “right sized” for most urban deliveries and trips.

We combine autonomy with remote human supervision, so we’re not constrained by waiting for 100% autonomous technology. To us, autonomy is an optimization, driverless is a product.

To start, we’re focusing on less than truckload delivery, and vehicle-on-demand, where you can summon a vehicle and drive it yourself. In all cases, we can beat the cost of fleets of human driven vehicles.

Our focus at Faction is on product, not research - we have prototypes in operation now and next steps are customer trials this Fall. Thank you!


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